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Visual Basic Client Project: Desertfire Online Pty Ltd

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsDesertfire Online is an organisation dedicated to optimising business performance by providing expert advice and tools that enable companies to reduce human error in the workplace.

The Process Picture Map software, creates procedures that are concise, easier to read and easier to understand – making tasks easier to learn and perform correctly. Over 2,000 companies worldwide have made Process Picture Maps their standard.

Desertfire Online is the owner of the Talsico suite of human error reduction courses and tools.

You did a beautiful programming job for me" - Barry Henson, Talsico CEO

Programming Project Period:

August 2001 to May 2016

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer, VB.Net Programmer, ASP.Net Programmer

VB Programming Duties:

Support of the Microsoft Word Process Picture Map software using Visual Basic.Net, ASP.Net and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Creation of a Website to handle Registration and security.

Programming Achievements:
  • Updated the Talsico PPM software to Desertfire PPM:
    • Created a routine to allow online registration and validation from a Website
    • Broke into password protected Word .dot macros
    • Converted programs from VB6 to VB.Net
    • Set up Email logic to use Outlook with VB.Net
    • Converted the obsolete Wise Installation System to InstallShield
    • Conversion of PPM Application to Word 2007+
    • Creation of a Desertfire Web page for PCs, Tablets and Mobiles
    • Created an Automated strong Password routine on the Desertfire Web page
    • Added Customer Management Application to the Desertfire Website
    • Created a Security Table in SQL Server
    • Added code to the PPM check for Internet Access
    • Added logic to Register the PPM templates
    • All Word version dependencies removed
    • Tested on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Surface Pro.
  • Provided support and enhanced the Microsoft Word Talsico software:
    • Resolved problems with the Flow diagram in the Microsoft Word documents.
    • Set up Registry entries to maintain user options.
    • Addition of Word XP support, whilst maintaining Word 97 compatibility.
    • Added Combo Boxes to the Menu to allow the insertion of different symbols into the Word document.
    • Enhanced the package to include support for Spanish, and made the package language independent. This simplified the addition of new languages.
  • Eliminated all bugs from the Microsoft Word software:
    • A persistent memory overflow problem.
    • Saving a Microsoft Word document over a Network.
    • Resizing pictures.
    • Problems with Arts and Letters.
    • A Windows File Protection deployment problem.
  • Created a deployment package using the WISE software to handle all versions of Microsoft Word. Added self-extracting Set-up files.
  • Created a Microsoft Visual Basic Registration package to set up Desktop Icons and control all security aspects, including encryption of client particulars.
  • Added a VeriSign Digital ID Certificate to the Microsoft Word package.
  • Created a VB.Net Encryption program to add Security to the PPM program.