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Visual Basic Client Project: Solution Consultants

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsSolution Consultants are energy and building services engineers – they handle a large scoping project for ResiTech, a service agency of the NSW Department of Housing.

Programming Project Period:

February 2006 to February 2007

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Access Designer and Programmer, Microsoft Outlook and Visual Basic Programmer.

Programming Achievements:

Converted an amateur and problematic ResiTech Microsoft Access database into an acceptable administration Application:

  • Analysed the requirements of Solution Consultants and rebuilt the Microsoft Access Database to handle the administrative requirements of the Scopers.
  • Created routines to import Excel spreadsheets to the Access database.
  • Converted the 10 imports into a normalised database structure.
  • Added error handling and error logging to all procedures.
  • Added an option to Compress the database.
  • Added security to prevent users changing Tables and Queries.
  • Extended the Switchboard Menu from 8 to 16 options with Sub Menus.
  • Ran an Access analyser and eliminated errors, inefficiencies and problems
  • Created a Diary Application.
  • Split the Access Database into Front-End and Back-End databases.
  • Created a global Formatting routine to ensure that all Forms and Controls have a consistent Colour, alignment and Size.
  • Eliminated inconsistencies in the 6000 housing records.
  • Imported all Australian Post Codes into a Table. Ensured that all supplied addresses have the correct post code and suburb.
  • Created Forms to allow the user to quickly drill-down to any Property of any Site.

Automated the Microsoft Outlook Email messages of Solution Consultants:

  • Added a Save command to the Outlook Command Bar.
  • Creation a Form with a Combo Box to allow the destination of the Email to be chosen.
  • Saved incoming Email messages as .msg files to the selected folder with a changed Subject.