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Microsoft Access Database Programmer

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Visual Basic Client Project: Kreab Gavin Anderson (Australia) Limited

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsKreab Gavin Anderson is a world leading consultancy – experts in Financial and Corporate Communication and Public Affairs issues.

Programming Project Period:

October 2010 to September 2011

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Access Programmer, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook programming

Programming Achievements:

Created an Access 2007 Contacts database Application from the Contacts in the Company Microsoft Outlook.

  • Extracted the contents of Microsoft Outlook contacts to Excel, and imported the results to Microsoft Access.
  • Created Access database tables for Contact information, Comments, Invitations and the Events held.
  • Created a Post Code database by downloading the Suburbs from an Australia Post Website. Then refined the quality of the data to ensure the correct State and Post Code.
  • Created a Search facility by Contact Company and also by Contact Name.