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Visual Basic Client Project: Gray Eisdell Timms

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsThe Gray Group is one of the largest auctioneering and asset management companies in the Asia Pacific region, specialising in the valuation, marketing and sale of industrial and commercial plant & equipment.

Programming Project Period:

April 2002 to October 2005

Programming Job Description:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Programming
  • Microsoft Access Database design and programming
  • Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel programming
  • Microsoft SQL Server support
Programming Achievements:
  • Supported the SQL Server based Auction Application (over 100,000 lines of code):
    • Using Microsoft Visual Basic, created modules to support True Grid implementation, Error handling, ADO for SQL Server database access, Crystal Report generation and Printer management
    • Developed an automated payments Application with Microsoft Visual Basic to deposit cheques at a Bank
    • Microsoft Visual Basic, Program Deployment and Microsoft Windows problem solving.
    • Created Microsoft Visual Basic routines to access SQL Server Stored Procedures.
    • Created an FTP upload facility to allow centralised backup of branch data.
    • Created a routine to test local and remote database connections, as well as providing the ADO connection string.
    • Added a series of Triggers to create an Audit trail of all changes to the SQL Server database. Added a grid routine to view all the changes to the database columns.
  • Supported the Asset Valuation application using a Microsoft Access Database. This included substantial work both in developing Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel automation:
    • Created a Microsoft Word document of each valuation contained in the Microsoft Access database.
    • Added Pictures of all assets in the Microsoft Word document with cross references.
    • Added Summary totals of all sub-sections in the Microsoft Word document.
    • Created Microsoft Excel worksheets corresponding to the Microsoft Word documents. This involved using a Microsoft Excel Template, and creating deriving navigation functions to any Worksheet, Row or Cell.
  • Porting and redevelopment of a Sales Analysis application using a Microsoft Access Database.
  • Developed a facility to bulk Email customers, using Outlook and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. Created an Email DLL for administrative communication.
    • Set up an MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine) database Application with Visual Basic and SQL DMO (Distributed Management Objects) to handle remote access to the Auction Application. The Application allows for:
    • Creating and Deleting of MSDE databases
    • Synchronisation of data between multiple versions of Microsoft SQL Server.
    • Initiation of all Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration Wizards
    • Execution of any SQL script.
    • Importing/Exporting Microsoft SQL Server Database Tables.