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Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsEssential Software is a computer software company that provides computer Application consultancy and software.

The company's expertise lies in writing Applications using Microsoft Visual Basic, Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Programming Project Period:

December 2000 to March 2001

Programming Job Description:

Rewriting a large 3 tier Client/Server database Hotel Reservation Application.

VB Programming Duties:
  • Support of the "BackOffice" for a large, 3 Tier, Travel Agency Client/Server Application. This involved mainly the creation of a sub-system dealing with Transfers from Hotels, Airports and Wharves. The Transfer routine was written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 using ADO to access Microsoft SQL Server Databases. It comprised incomplete and un-debugged programs with little or no documentation.
  • Provide technical Windows NT and Component Object Module (COM) support to the staff in dealing with multiple versions of DLLs and ActiveX controls.
Programming Achievements:
  • Enhanced the Security DLL to allow User control at Form level. Set up maintenance routines to maintain the Security system and the additional Microsoft SQL Server Database Tables.
  • Created a Message Queuing system that allowed triggered events to be forwarded to selected users.
  • Analysed and redesigned the Microsoft SQL Server Database for the Hotel Transfers. Set up test data in the database.
  • Rewrote a DLL that handled the various aspects of the Hotel Transfer system. The DLL comprised of:
    • Numerous Forms with Tabs
    • Many UserControls
    • Various DLLs handling ADO, Buttons, etc
    • Sheridan Grids and Combo Drop-downs
  • Created a DropDown ActiveX control that allowed multiple item selection.