Visual Basic Programmer: Access database Programmer

Visual Basic Programmer
Microsoft Access Database Programmer

Custom Built Software 
Sydney, Australia

Client Project: Essential Software

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsEssential Software is a computer software company that provides computer system consultancy and software.

The company's expertise lies in writing systems using Microsoft Visual Basic to access Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Programming Project Period:

December 2000 to March 2001

Programming Job Description:

Rewriting a large 3 tier Client/Server database Hotel Reservation system.

VB Programming Duties:
  • Support of the "BackOffice" for a large, 3 Tier, Travel Agency Client/Server system. This involved mainly the creation of a sub-system dealing with Transfers from Hotels, Airports and Wharves. The Transfer routine was written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 using ADO to access Microsoft SQL Server Databases. It comprised incomplete and un-debugged programs with little or no documentation.
  • Provide technical Windows NT and Component Object Module (COM) support to the staff in dealing with multiple versions of DLLs and ActiveX controls.
Programming Achievements:
  • Enhanced the Security DLL to allow User control at Form level. Set up maintenance routines to maintain the Security system and the additional Microsoft SQL Server Database Tables.
  • Created a Message Queuing system that allowed triggered events to be forwarded to selected users.
  • Analysed and redesigned the Microsoft SQL Server Database for the Hotel Transfers. Set up test data in the database.
  • Rewrote a DLL that handled the various aspects of the Hotel Transfer system. The DLL comprised of:
    • Numerous Forms with Tabs
    • Many UserControls
    • Various DLLs handling ADO, Buttons, etc
    • Sheridan Grids and Combo Drop-downs
  • Created a DropDown ActiveX control that allowed multiple item selection.