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Neville Silverman: Testimonials from Clients Here is a collection of testimonials from my clients – see what they have to say about the quality of my Visual Basic Programming and Access database skills.

These quotes highlight my technical expertise and abilities in the analysis and development of user-friendly, cost-effective administration software.

Maud Lindley – Founding director of Serendis, Leadership Consultancy

Neville Silverman created a very effective and complex spreadsheet on Excel for our business. This allows us to manage a large amount of participants for one of our leadership programs and Neville created a series of visual basic macros to automatically download entries from our online registration system. His work is reliable and serious.

Bill Preston – IT Consultant

"Neville Silverman has been instrumental in reviving an ailing project by transforming a Microsoft Access 2003 Database to 2010 with little fuss or consequence, his VB coding has added functionality and transformed the look and feel along the way. His knowledge and experience in Access and VB is extensive, and proved valuable to the project."

Natalie Robertson – Latrobe University Lecturer

"Neville Silverman has developed four Microsoft Access applications for me since December 2011. I have been very impressed with Neville's professionalism and skill in developing and supporting these systems. He is very attentive to the needs of users, and I know that I can rely on him to see a job through and fix any post implementation errors. I found Neville to be an excellent programmer and the systems he has developed, i.e. automating the process of scheduling tasks and cataloguing electronic files, has increased my efficiency tremendously."

Gary Vink – SVITZER Australia, Engineering Manager

"Neville Silverman has worked with SVITZER Australia to develop a complex database from scratch. Neville's skill in interpreting client requirements, offering alternatives, and programming ability is outstanding. He has been required to work with minimal supervision and direction and has accommodated scope variations without missing a deadline. He has an ability to get the job done and deliver results that surpassed expectation. He was able to turn our vision into reality."

Danielle O'Brien – NUW NSW Branch, Manager

"Neville Silverman has been Working with The National Union of Workers, NSW Branch re building our membership database for over a year. During this time I have always found him to be hard-working and a reliable person who has been an asset to our organisation with his programming skills. Neville is always able to make what we want happen."

Montse Wallace – CMS IT, Client Services & Administration Manager

"Neville Silverman has been consulting for CMS Information Technology since May 2010. During this period he has been assisting one of our clients with some major database upgrade/improvements. Neville always treats all requests with the utmost attention and delivers excellent quality of work. Our client has been very happy with the improvements being made to what was an old Access database system and finally with the help of Neville it is becoming a very good workable database system."

Peter Mallios – Vertikote Group, General Manager

"After experiencing significant crashes and corrupted data in our MS Access based production tracking system, Vertikote engaged the services of Neville Silverman to review and update this business critical system from Access 97 to Access 2010. In the two years since the upgrade the system has operated efficiently and without any problems of note. We appreciate the expertise and in-depth knowledge of Neville, who was able to assist us to overcome the significant problems we previously experienced. We have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Stephen Charlesworth – Gray Eisdell Timms, National M.I.S. Manager

"Neville Silverman provided Microsoft Visual Basic coding that is clear, consistent and easy to integrate into existing applications. I have been able to rely on Neville to work with minimal supervision and direction including times when the project scope was loosely defined. He has an ability to get the job done and deliver projects on time. I would be happy to recommend Neville Silverman."

Bill Shute – Infosphere Pty Ltd, Sales Director

"Neville Silverman has been working using Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications to develop and enhance custom systems for our clients. Nev's mastery of Microsoft Visual Basic, his analytical mind and his development techniques have always impressed us. He initiated and developed our software coding standards and these have become a valuable benchmark. Nev's written and verbal communication skills are also very strong and this is just as important to us as his technical expertise."

Annette Beff – Fujitsu Australia, Project Leader

"For the past year Neville Silverman developed and maintained the Microsoft Visual Basic client. This has included adding new functionality as well as rationalising and modularising the existing software, where possible by the introduction of Re-usable COM objects. Neville has provided a very professional service to the project. He has excellent problem-solving ability and attention to detail plus a commitment to programming standards and documentation. He communicates well and is always courteous, helpful and responsive to critical deadlines."