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Microsoft Access Database features

Microsoft Access Database featuresThe Microsoft Access Database is the most popular desktop relational Database in the world today. The Microsoft Access Database is significantly cheaper to implement and maintain compared to using larger Database systems.

The Microsoft Access Database Application has more support and consultants available than any other Database system. The Consulting rates are considerably lower compared to Oracle or SQL Server. Microsoft Access enables a complex database to be set up and running in at least one half the time and cost of other Database systems.

The Microsoft Access Database is part of the Microsoft Office Professional software – but is also sold separately. Only one copy of the Access Database software is needed for a company's Business automation.

Access is a fully-fledged relational database

The Microsoft Access Database can be optimised for large record sets, storing many thousands of records without experiencing performance degradation. The Microsoft Access database supports database applications up to 2 gigabytes in size.

The Access Tables support referential integrity including cascading updates and deletes. The database is multi-user and handles record-locking.

Access is ideal for Business Oriented Applications

Access has boosted the productivity of many a company. Microsoft Access is a powerful and versatile tool, and when combined with Microsoft Visual Basic – there are very few small business applications that cannot be automated.

The Microsoft Access Database system is ideal for the small business or company department to automate administrative procedures. A custom Access application can be designed specifically for a business need where the available software is either too costly or is not a good fit.

Microsoft Access and Visual Basic are the ideal combination for developers building custom business solutions. Microsoft Access Database custom software development ensures that the solution is unique to your organisation.

The Ease of Building an Access Database

Access has gained popularity by allowing the Developer to create sophisticated database Applications quickly and easily.

Access has the following functionality that makes for speedy development:

  • The Database can be constructed quickly – Tables can be easily added
  • Microsoft Access has extensive Report writing functionality.
  • Microsoft Access has a database Query facility.
  • Data records can be readily added or modified
  • Create relationships between Tables with drag and drop

A Microsoft Access Database on a Network

In order to support multiple users, the Microsoft Access Database is stored on a Server.

A Visual Basic Front-End runs on each user's workstation. The VB Front-End handles the Graphical User Interface (GUI) – and all data updating and retrieval of records.

The Microsoft Access Database performs well on a Network with up to 30 users. This is, provided that the latest technology is used.

Maintaining Microsoft Access is easy

Microsoft Access is not self-tuning. It does not automatically reclaim lost database space, or optimise indexes and queries.

Maintenance is a 5 minute task that should be carried out weekly. This requires that all users be logged out of the database.