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Website Promotion And Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The Essential Elements of SEO

Website Design and Search Engine OptimisationThe Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves the promotion of a Website by improving rankings in the Search Engine Results Page. The techniques used should only be White-Hat practices – that is ethical Website optimisation.

The optimisation should attempt to achieve top rankings in the search engines without recourse to paid listings or pay per clicks.

All this involves the work listed below.

Ignore the dubious claims as to the levels of traffic and top page rankings that can be achieved overnight.
It takes time to find the right search terms. It takes time to implement changes. It may take months to see the results.

Website Content

To start the Website creation process, you will need to build a collection of pertinent copy text. For some ideas and guidance, see Writing Effective Website Content and Rankings And Website Content

Keyword Research

Keywords research is required on the most relevant words or phrases Visitors will use to find your Website. These Keywords need to be embedded into the content of your Website to ensure that the pages rank high enough in the Search Engine listings.

Research is also needed to see how the Competition ranks for your selected Keywords.

A Keyword Density analysis will ensure that no Keyword is used excessively or too infrequently.

Target Audience

Knowing the target audience and their requirements is essential in building a Website. The more the content is persuasive, appealing and tailored to the desired visitor, the more likely that the visitor will be converted to a customer.

Where subsequent traffic is low, the objectives may need to be changed and SEO re-targeting required.

Website Quality

HTML standards and validation will ensure the best quality for the Search Engines. Web page layout design, content and information will be optimally displayed for the best Rankings.

Ranking Factors

As well as researched Keywords in the page content, good Rankings depend upon the Trust, Authority and Competition:

  • Trust is related to the age of the Website. A new Website will be put into a “Sandbox” – a probation period with very low rankings for selected Keywords. After 6 to 12 months, Rankings will improve.
  • Authority depends upon the number of quality links from well known Websites or Directories, pointing to your Website. Submission to these Websites must be done manually.
  • Achieving a good Ranking is also related to the number of Websites competing for a placing.


Incoming links to your Website are referred to as Backlinks. Search Engine listing placement is very much related to the number and quality of Backlinks.

The Website should be submitted to free directories that do not require reciprocal links. These include:

  • The Open Directory Project
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • Alexa

Then the Website will be submitted to about two dozen local Australian directories to improve visibility. These will include:

  • Google Local Business Centre
  • AussieWeb Local Search

The Website may be submitted by you to the Yellow Pages for a boost in exposure.

Social Media Marketing

The Social Sites are an easy way of promoting a Website. The most important Social Sites are:

  • MySpace
  • FaceBook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

Article Submissions

Writing for Article Submission Websites used to be helpful, before Google's Panda updates, in increasing the number and quality of Backlinks. These days an Article Submission Website is only of marginal value.

It is better to try attract visitors to your own Website, rather than hope to get them from an Article Submission Website. Visitors to the such a Website are likely to read your article, then move to the next article. You will seldom get traffic resulting from your contribution.

Ongoing Monitoring and Analysis

Every few months you will need a review of the number of Visitors, the Rankings for Keywords and the number of Backlinks. It is important to keep tweaking the Content, Headings and Titles for optimal results.

And of course, in the mean time, the competition will not have been idle!