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Website Promotion And Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Small Business Marketing

Internet Marketing: Small Business PromotionThe Internet is the fastest growing means of marketing today, and is one of the most effective and cheapest of marketing tools. Advertising via a Website is exponentially less expensive than traditional methods of off-line marketing. These days a Website is virtually a necessity for the small business.

More than 80% of Internet users use Search Engines to find the products or services they want to buy. And they have over 100 million active Web sites in the World Wide Web to choose from.

Internet marketing is now a priority for businesses. A company's Website will often be looked at before business is completed. It has a powerful impact on the confidence of a potential customer. Good design, well-written copy, helpful product and contact information – all increase trust in the company.

With the advent of ASP.Net and Visual Basic.Net, the expense of creating a dynamic Website has dramatically fallen. Highly functional Websites that could only be built and supported by very large companies, can now created with relative ease and at low cost.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

About 85% of Website traffic comes through Search Engines. But having a Website is of little value, if it cannot be found amongst the millions of competing Websites. And if the Website is not on the first 3 pages, most people will not find it.

Internet Marketing: Organic searches SEO will increase the number of visitors to a Website from the Search Engines. To ensure selection, SEO uses researched copy-writing and optimal coding of the Web pages.

The objective is to get on the first few pages of the organic Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), as well as increase page conversion rates. Conversion rates depend upon how well the visitors are targeted.

For an SEO analysis of your Website, see User Experience tool

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategies

A good Search Engine Optimisation strategy includes:

  • Targeted Keyword research
  • Search Engine friendly Website design
  • Visitor friendly navigation, enquiries and content
  • Good Website response times
  • Copy-writing based on Keyword phrases
  • Tracking the Website activity

Having a good Search Engine placement is only the first objective. The good SERP Ranking must also result in increased Website traffic. And the more targeted the traffic, the more visits will be converted into sales.

Search Engine Marketing Acronyms

Here is a list of the most commonly used buzzwords:

Acronym Explanation
META Tags These provide information about information. These tags in the HTML of a Web page summarise the content of a Web page. The Description tag may be displayed in the Results Page (SERP).
SEO Search Engine Optimisation. The techniques used to improve the ranking for selected Keywords in the Search Engine listings.
PPC Pay Per Click. These are the advertisements which appear in the Search Engine Results. A payment is due only if a visitor clicks on an ad. Google calls the text AdWords.
SEM Search Engine Marketing. Promoting a product or service through the Search Engines. Includes SEO and PPC.
SERP Search Engine Results Page. The listing that is returned by your Search Engine for a Keyword phrase.