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Selecting a Website Colour Scheme

Choosing an acceptable combination of colours for your WebsiteMost Websites are created with only a vague colour scheme in mind. Hopefully the colours chosen will work together. But it is all too often that the colour scheme clashes or is difficult for visitors to read.

There are more than 16 million colours to choose from. Where combinations of colours are taken into account, there is an almost infinite variety of colour schemes.

The following routine should help in selecting an acceptable combination of colours for your Website – from the very dark to delicate pastels.

Complementary Colours

Select various combinations of Red, Blue and Green to show all the combinations of complementary colours.

Red     Green     Blue     Smooth







By selecting any combination of Red, Green and Blue, an harmonious range of monochromatic or complementary colours schemes can be created.

Light to Dark Colours

Each complementary colour is shown with all the shades of that colour, from White to Black.