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Website Design and SEO Promotion for the Small Business

Custom Built Websites at Reasonable Cost

Website Design and Search Engine OptimisationI provide Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services for the small business.

Your company requirements are studied in depth, the Website is tailored to your specific niche market and designed to meet your needs.

With the advent of Microsoft's Website technology, the creation of a highly functional Website is within the reach of any small company. All at a competitive cost.

Getting started: Website Design

Choose an example of a Website design that has the layout and style that appeals to you – and I will create your own unique Website.

  • There is maximum commitment to get the best results
  • The Website is designed to be visitor-friendly
  • You will get help in creating the most effective content
  • The Website will handle all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles

Improve Rankings – Increase Targeted Traffic – Increase Sales

Search Engine Optimisation is vital to promote your Company and attract targeted traffic.

My services will help optimise your Web Site for free organic searches and improve the Search Engine ranking for targeted Keyword Phrases. As well as increasing the number of visitors, the optimisation will improve the conversion rate from visitor to customer.

Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing

  • Best Practices for Search Engine Friendly Websites
  • Keyword Research on search phrases
  • Target Audience optimisation
  • Competition Analysis
  • Effective copy-writing for improved Search Engine Rankings
  • Submission to Search Engines and Directories

Microsoft's ASP.Net Website Technology

ASP.NET is Microsoft's technology for running dynamic Web pages on Web servers. ASP.NET creates Websites that are simple, fast, and can scale to millions of users. ASP.NET is mature and highly optimised. Together with the powerful Visual Basic language, ASP.Net is ideal for Business Websites.

The advantages of using the ASP.Net and Visual Basic software are many. This Website is an example of the technology.

ASP.Net and Visual Basic

  • Websites are cheaper to create and maintain
  • Websites have fast download speeds
  • Websites are visitor friendly
  • Websites have consistent layout and format for each Page
  • Responsive Design can handle different screen sizes
  • Features include Charts, Watermarks, Calendars, Blogs, Slide-shows
  • Navigation is visitor friendly and intuitive
  • Database access allows customised presentations

SEO and Website page load time

The speed of a Website and its load time is critical to Internet marketing success. Websites that are slow will:

  • Have fewer pages crawled
  • Have fewer conversions from visit to a sale
  • Have a lower Search Engine ranking
  • Have a poor user experience

This Website according to the well known Pingdom Website Speed Test is highly optimised. The default page has an impressive load time of 125 milliseconds.

Performance grade
Load time
125 ms
Faster than
100% of tested sites
Page size
38.0 kB
Tested from
Melbourne on Jun 10 at 15:11

These performance results demonstrate the maturity and performance efficiency of the Microsoft's ASP.Net Website technology – and how it can be used effectively.