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Website Design and SEO Promotion for the Small Business

Custom Built Websites at Reasonable Cost

Website Design and Search Engine OptimisationI provide Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services for the small business. Your company requirements are studied in depth, the Website is tailored to your specific niche market and designed to meet your needs.

There is maximum commitment to get you the best results – at a competitive price.

The Custom Websites are designed and built to be visitor-friendly, attractive and fast. You will get help in creating the most effective content – copy-writing for optimal Search Engine Optimisation and to attract the visitor.

Website Design

  • Standards-based HTML for a structurally correct Website
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for consistent and efficient Web pages
  • Website design that is compatible with all Browsers
  • Website design that is optimised for all the Search Engines
  • Adherence to the Webmaster guidelines for ethical Website Optimisation

Microsoft's ASP.Net Website Technology

ASP.NET is a development framework for building Web pages and Web sites with HTML, CSS, and Server Side controls – like Text-boxes, Command Buttons and Check-boxes. Each page can access Visual Basic code.

The advantages of using the ASP.Net and Visual Basic software are many:

ASP.Net and Visual Basic

  • Websites are cheaper to create and maintain
  • Websites have fast download speeds – usually within 2 seconds
  • Websites are visitor friendly
  • Websites have consistent layout and format for each Page
  • Responsive Design can handle different screen sizes
  • Tailored pages can handle smaller screen sizes
  • Amendments and enhancements are easy to make
  • Master pages allow a consistent layout
  • Features include Charts, Watermarks, Calendars, Blogs, Slide-shows
  • Navigation is visitor friendly and intuitive
  • Database access allows customised presentations

Improve Rankings – Increase Targeted Traffic – Increase Sales

Search Engine Optimisation is vital to promote your Company and attract targeted traffic.

Optimise your Web Site for free organic searches My services will help optimise your Web Site for free organic searches and improve the Search Engine ranking for targeted Keyword Phrases. More important than just increasing the number of visitors, the optimisation will improve the conversion rate from visitor to customer.

The techniques used are all Ethical Search Engine Optimisation methods – which do not attempt to dishonestly manipulate the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Rankings. No tricks or Optimisation fudges are used, and there is no chance of your Web Site being blacklisted or Rankings degraded.

Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing

  • Best Practices for Search Engine Friendly Websites
  • Keyword Research on likely search phrases
  • Target Market Research and Target Audience optimisation
  • Competition Analysis
  • Effective copy-writing for improved Search Engine Rankings
  • Analysis of visitor metrics
  • Quality Back-links
  • Submission to Search Engines and Directories