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Client Project: Rheem Australia Pty Ltd

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsRheem supplies domestic and commercial water heating.

They provide a range of gas, electric, and solar fuelled water heaters.

Programming Project Period:

February 2005 to August 2006

Programming Job Description:
  • Conversion of Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (VB6) to VB.Net
  • Creation of a Website using ASP.Net
Programming Achievements:
  • Created a Visual Basic program that allowed the Rheem employees to update personal information in the Active Directory and in the Global Address List of an LDAP Database.
  • Converted Active Directory Services Interfaces (ADSI) VBScripts to Visual Basic.Net.
    • Provided a single source of User information that is always up-to-date.
    • Allowed system administrators to update all user information.
    • Provided a facility to allow a user to search for the details of any user.
    • Updated static data held in a SQL Server database.
  • Created Visual Basic procedures to
    • Provide an ADO connection to the Active Directory Provider. Provide access to SQL Server.
    • Provide access to the Active Directory Services Interfaces.
    • Extract a user record from the LDAP Database.
    • Extract system information, like computer name, domain, user name..
    • Identify users belonging to the administrators or domain admins group.
    • Update user information in both the LDAP database and a SQL Server database.
  • Created a Web site, written in ASP.Net, that duplicated the functionality of the Visual Basic GAL Update program.
    • Converted the VB6 code to Visual Basic.Net 2005.
    • Designed a new Website for Rheem.
    • Built a Master file and added the new Menu Control.
    • Converted the Visual Basic.Net code to ASP.Net.