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Client Project: Masterton Homes

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsMasterton Homes began life in 1982 as the Warwick Farm Exhibition Village, making a reality of Jim Masterton's vision for the future of one-stop home buying.

With an array of different designs they cover most of Australia's demographic.

Programming Project Period:

October 2004 to December 2004

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Word automation and Visual Basic Programmer.

Programming Achievements:

Created a data driven Microsoft Word Automation application that generates quotations for new home proposals.

  • The quotation system was based on a Word Template, which allowed the presentation to be customised for each client.
  • Created a Table to hold prices.
  • Allowed Word documents to inserted into the quotation.
  • Added flexibility in selecting the numerous options available in building a home.
  • The legal caveats, water board and local council approvals were catered for.
  • The data driven system included the following commands:
    • Line breaks
    • Bookmark selection and data insertion
    • Table handling and insertion of input into selected rows, or columns within rows.
    • Insertion of Text and Word document files.
    • Bullet lists and customised bullets – i.e. §, ¤, ‡.
    • Paragraph, word and table cell formatting – Bold, Underlined and Italics. Justify Left, Right and Centre.
    • Setting of Headers and Footers