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Client Project: Kingfood Australia Pty Ltd

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsKingfood are a wholesale speciality food ingredients supplier to the Australian Food Industry.

Kingfood supplies a range of specialised ingredients from Australia and around the world.

Programming Project Period:

May 2005 to November 2005

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Access Programmer, Visual Basic Programmer, SQL Server Database Administration

Programming Achievements:

Enhanced the performance and the structure of the Kingfood database system:

  • Kingfood Web Site Keyword Density analysis.
  • Analysis of the Microsoft Access Database Project (ADP) database system and the SQL Server database.
  • Creation of a test environment to emulate the Kingfood ADP system.
  • Automated the deployment of new ADP releases for each user.
  • Created an SQL Server log file condense procedure that shrinks the SQL Server Log file every 4 hours.
  • Creation of an Error handling module that records extensive error details in a log file, and to a table in SQL Server. Added error handling to each form and report in the Microsoft Access Database Project.
  • Creation of an ADO module, to handle access to SQL Server.
  • Eliminated all DAO and Access 2 functions.
  • Creation of an Audit module, which records user logons and logoffs, as well as the response time.
  • Created a Global module that identified the User Name, Computer Name, Domain and IP Address from the Active DS Type library.
  • Created a Visual Basic program to allow the users to administer the ADP Database system. The features of the program are:
    • Dual functionality – batch processing and interactive access.
    • User Audit Trail.
    • Deletion of backup files older than 3 months.
    • Deployment of the ADP Database to all users.
    • Creation of a backup of the SQL Server database.
    • Free disk space analysis for all the Server disks.
    • Lists the last 100 errors in the ADP Database system.
    • Lists Locks held by the SQL Server Database.
    • Lists Users of the SQL Server Database.
    • Lists the size of all the SQL Server tables.
  • Tuned the Server, eliminating high overhead processes and increased the free space on each disk.
  • Created a new Costing system for food quotations.
  • Replaced the Menu form with a data driven Switchboard form.
  • Created an independent program to handle all email requirement of the users whilst in the Access database.