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Client Project: Hordern House

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsHordern House are Antiquarian dealers specialising in: Voyages and travels, Pacific colour-plate books and natural history, children's literature, early Australian paintings and voyage art, historical maps and prints.

They also buy and sell rare Second-hand books.

Programming Project Period:

April 2013 to September 2013

Programming Job Description:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic Programming
  • Microsoft Access Database design and programming
  • Microsoft Word programming
  • Microsoft SQL Server design
Programming Achievements:
  • Created a Visual Basic Front-End and a framework to maintain a Microsoft Access or an SQL Server database.
  • Converted embedded OLE Word documents to RTF files, reducing the Table sizes dramatically.
  • Created a RichTextBox Editor using the RichTextBox formatting options of the Windows TextBox control. The editor can replace most of the functions of Microsoft Word. It has these features:
    • Toggles for Bold, Italic, Strikeout and Underline - and any combination
    • Undo and redo past actions
    • Remove all double spaces
    • Remove all Formatting
    • Change the colour of any selected word or phrase
    • Change the font and size
    • List all errors in Red - the correct spelling can be chosen from the suggestions
    • Copy the Text to an open Word Document
    • Copy content of the Clipboard to the RichTextBox
    • Toggle Bullets, HangIndent and Indent
    • Choose Accent Marks from Acute, Grave, Umlaut, Circumflex, Tilde
    • Shortcuts like Ctrl+I, Ctrl+B, etc can be used to make selected phrases Italic, Bold