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Client Project: Hi-Rise Access

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsHi-Rise Access is a consulting and engineering company specialising in height safety, fall protection and suspended access.

They offer turnkey solutions including design, fabrication and installation.

Programming Project Period:

February 2006 to August 2007

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Access Programmer and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Programmer.

Programming Achievements:

Completely revamped an amateur Microsoft Access database into an efficient and maintainable system:

  • Converted linked text files into Microsoft Access Tables
  • Converted repeated code into global Procedures
  • Removed all Macros and added "Option Explicit" to all Visual Basic modules
  • Added error handling and error logging to all procedures
  • Removed redundancies and improved data integrity by reorganising the Database into a normalised form
  • Added an option to Compress the database
  • Removed spurious Events
  • Added security to prevent users changing Tables and Queries
  • Extended the Switchboard Menu from 8 to 16 options with Sub Menus
  • Ran an Access analyser and eliminated errors, inefficiencies and problems
  • Created a Diary System
  • Created an Enquiry system
  • Split the Access Database into Front-End and Back-End databases
  • Created routines to import CSV files from an accounting package
  • All Forms now conform to global Formatting, with consistent Colour, alignment and Size of Controls.

Added the following Visual Basic Modules:

  • modADO     - Microsoft Access Database handling routines
  • modDialog   - Folder browse routines
  • modFile       - File handling routines
  • modForm     - Form handling routines
  • modGlobal   - System Information, Error Trapping and Global procedures
  • modReport   - Report handling routines
  • modShell     - Facility to run external programs
  • modLink       - Programmatic Linking to a Back-End Database
  • modSecurity - Security routines for the User and Programmer