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Client Project: Airgale Pty Ltd

Visual Basic and VBA Client ProjectsAirgale Pty Ltd is a family owned leasing company incorporating:

Visual Basic and VBA Client Projects Howmeg Investments Pty Ltd
Visual Basic and VBA Client Projects Hummit-Comm Pty Ltd
Visual Basic and VBA Client Projects Howard U & Margaret R Smith
Visual Basic and VBA Client Projects Gregory John & Fiona Jane Smith

Programming Project Period:

January 2013 to January 2014

Programming Job Description:

Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer and Microsoft Access Programmer.

VB Programming Duties:

Conversion of a DOS based Leasing System using a dBase database to Visual Basic and Microsoft Access.

Programming Achievements:
  • Created a Microsoft Access database with Tables for Tenants, Leases, Properties and Payments
  • Created a Visual Basic Front-End that supplied CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) facilities to all of the data in the Tables
  • Converted records from the four company dBase systems to the consolidated Microsoft Access database
  • Converted all historic records to the Access database
  • Corrected multiple data inconsistencies and invalid fields
  • Added Referential Integrity to all Master/Detail relationships
  • Set validation rules on the entry of all fields in the database