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Microsoft and Open Source software

Microsoft and Open Source softwareMicrosoft's future lies with in servers, services and the cloud. And all of these run on Open Source software.

Microsoft has got the message. It is now, virtually, an Open Source company. The turn-around has been dramatic, the transformation rapid.

This is no longer the Microsoft that you either loved or hated. The world of Gates and Ballmer has irrevocably disappeared. Microsoft is now almost warm and cuddly.

The new Open Source arrivals

The following Open Source software can now run on Windows 10:

  • Linux, the Open Source version of the proprietary Unix operating system
  • Ubuntu, the Open Source operating system that connects to devices (IoT)
  • Xamarin, the Open Sourced software development kit
  • FreeBSD, an Open Sourced operating system used to run servers, desktops, and many platforms

All these additions make C# competitive with Objective-C, Swift, or Java.

The Microsoft now uses Open Source in development

Microsoft has Open Sourced the Git Virtual File System (GVFS). GVFS has enabled Microsoft's product teams to use Git to handle its large source code libraries.

Almost all Windows code has been ported to Git and GVFS and most Windows developers are now working on Git.

The Proprietary Products

Microsoft will not be Open Sourcing SQL Server, Azure, Windows or the Office products. These products are still profitable. Another difficulty is the use of the venerable Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in the Office products. VBA is still a powerful language, but not likely to attract Open Source developers.

Microsoft in The Future

For future projects, it is highly likely that a large proportion of the Microsoft development will be Open Source.

There is no longer a war between Proprietary and Open Source software. Open Source has won hands down, and Microsoft has joined the bandwagon.