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All about the evolving Microsoft Development World

The Microsoft Development WorldAfter the heady days of the early Windows Operating System releases, Microsoft is saddled with outmoded code that must be forever maintained.

This is not an example of bad management or lack of planning, but the natural progression in advancing new software technology. There are many dead-ends, many new ideas and better ways of doing things, in the evolving software world. But it is important for Microsoft not to be for ever constrained by obsolete software.

And Microsoft must compete against the new comers, Google and Apple. Google has largely taken over the Browser market, and Apple dominates the mobile and Tablet world.

Microsoft's past successes now count against them. Whilst they need to support their older software, a continual rewrite and remodelling of all their products is taking place.

Some examples of the new Technology

Microsoft are busy reinventing themselves:

  • Windows 8 and Windows 10 with the Metro interface
  • Visual Studio 2017 has largely been rewritten
  • Microsoft Cloud computing and Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • A large amount of their software is now Open Source
  • The Edge Browser is a complete rewrite of Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualisation
  • Windows Phone using the same Operating System as Windows 10

Microsoft is unlikely to provide an alternative to the VBA code needed to automate the Office products of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft and Open-Source

Open-Source has become the dominant development model for creating new computer systems. This is because Open-Source with shared development has faster development times, better quality software and lower development costs.

The best examples of Open_Source software are MySQL and FileMaker, relational database management systems.

Microsoft have slowly adopted some of the benefits of Open-Source. Examples of Microsoft's recent involvement in Open-Source are Ubuntu on the Azure cloud, Xamarin the multi-platform mobile app development program, .NET Core for Linux and running Linux on the cloud. GitHub is being used for user documentation.

All of this is aimed at making Microsoft a profitable Open-Source company.

The advantages of the Microsoft Proprietary Systems

Microsoft will not be Open-Sourcing Windows or Office. They are just too profitable.

The Microsoft Proprietary Systems contain a huge amount of well tested and well documented logic. They have far better technical support and training compared to the Open-Source Systems.

Then there are the costs of implementation and administration of the free software, compared to the Proprietary Systems. Open-Source Systems seldom have the capabilities of the Proprietary Systems.The service levels of the Proprietary Systems are far better than that of the developer communities.