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The Microsoft World: All about the Microsoft Edge Browser

Developing ASP.Net Web pages for SmartphonesMicrosoft's Internet Browser market share has steadily slipped over the years. Microsoft's response has been the creation of the Edge Browser. The Edge Browser is only available with Windows 10 – it won't run on older Windows systems.

The new Edge Browser is a complete rewrite of the Internet Explorer Browser.

The Edge Browser handles Web pages more consistently for different devices using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) technology. It will handle the Internet of Things (IoT), Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet, Phablet, Xbox and Surface devices.

The Edge Browser will scale to a variety of screen sizes. It has a reading view, which removes all menus, advertisements and sidebar distractions. The Edge Browser also has the facility to annotate Web pages.

Better conforming to Web standards

Gone are the legacy technologies of ActiveX, Acrobat Reader, Oracle's Java, Microsoft VBScript and Microsoft Silverlight. Gone is the obsolete code, quirks mode, dead ends and Microsoft features accrued over the decades. The Edge Browser now closely follows the latest Web standards without any baggage.

The result is a Browser that is up to three times as fast as Internet Explorer 11 – and a shade faster than Chrome or Firefox.

The Edge Browser should also provide a boost to the performance of Windows 10 wherever a Browser is used.

Creating Websites will now become much easier, as the Quirks of the Internet Explorer Browsers can be ignored.

Microsoft Browser support

The Edge Browser will maintain support for Adobe Flash (for a time) and the Adobe PDF file format. The Edge Browser will now support JavaScript and HTML extensions for customised views of Web pages.

Internet Explorer will still be available for the odd antiquated Website which uses the ActiveX technology. Microsoft will still provide security fixes for the Internet Browser.

The Edge Browser is having a slow adoption

Despite the new features of the Edge Browser and despite the popularity of Windows 10, Edge is used by only a small number of Windows 10 users.

The Edge Browser usage will slowly rise, but the dominance of the Chrome Browser is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.